Samples of Gay and Lesbian Wedding Ceremony Texts

Whats in a Wedding Ceremony?

The core of any wedding is two available people before a witness and with full knowledge of what they are doing, say I do and file the right paperwork.

That takes about 5 minutes tops. But oh the things you can add on! Go over list and think about what you like. Read more about the core of a wedding.

Sample Wedding Texts.

Wedding ceremony samples for gay and lesbian who want to read full text of same-sex friendly marriage rites.

The most basic wedding ceremony follows the core. This is the type that you get at city hall with no frills. May people also like this tpye of service Because it is simple and fast. Read the same-sex text.

A longer but still short and secular version is found here. This ceremony adds a statement about same-sex marriage.

Most weddings at hotels or country clubs seem to like a wedding with a long preamble about the meaning of marriage. This helps to take the place of a reading or music and if still lovely. Read the example text

Some couple may need a religous service to express their love. This is a good nondenominational wedding rite that can be added to if needed. Read more. Some gay and lesbian couples want a basic Christian service. Your minster may have one that they use and it may look different than this one, If traditional, formal and religious is your style, then this is for you.

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