Sample of long preamble gay wedding ceremony

This long preamble gay wedding ceremony is a sample for use by same-sex couples. This style is very usefull when you are not having music or readings.

Dearly beloved, we are assembled in this place to unite this couple in bond of marriage. From the earliest beginnings, marriage was instituted as a good for all people. It is a universal that humans recognize and honor even when the forms and traditions differ from their own. It is an essential building block of society. Men of all nations see the need for a public binding of two people together so that the community may see and acknowledge their joining in marriage. No person should attend a wedding without giving thanks for this institution. It is thus with great joy and hope that we come together to witness _________ and ____________ join in wedlock.

They bring all that they are to offer to each other. For the commitment of marriage demands no less. They bring their dreams and accomplishments, as well as their fears and failures. They offer each other their virtues and vices, their fortunes and wants, and their well being and their neediness. Whatever time brings their way, they shall remain united. For the covenant they make today will bind them together until parted by death.

On this journey it is love that will make each step easy. Love sweetens shared dreams and comforts the fearful. Love is accomplished in seeing the good and overlooking the bad. In hard times love bring hope. Love is at the very center of meaningful life. It is the presence of love that, here today, pervade and enrich this service of celebration and commitment, and we hope continue through their whole marriage.

Marriage in different that other relationships, we do not confuse it with friendship, business partnerships or caregivers, although all of those are part of being married but a marriage is so much more. It makes people kin, it celebrates intimacy, and it ties a life long knot. It is the most significant contract a person will make in their lifetime. It touches the heart more deeply than any other action to people can take. It strengthens the communities in ways to numerous to list.

You are about to assume this relationship. You will pledge to each other your love and devotion.

________ and ________ have found that their love for each other is so deep that they wish to commit themselves to each other in marriage.

The contract of marriage is one not to be entered into lightly, but thoughtfully and with a deep realization of the obligations and responsibilities it entails. Please remember that love, loyalty, and understanding are the foundation of a happy home. No human ties are more important or more tender.

Please face one another:

________, will you have ________ to be your (wife/husband), to live together as friend and mate? Will you live (her/him) as a person, respect (her/him) as an equal, sharing joy as well as sorrow, triumph as well as defeat. And keep (her/him) beside you as long as you both shall live?

I do


Do you have the rings?

These rings mark the beginning of a long journey filled with wonder, surprises, laughter, tears, celebration, grief, joy. May these rings glow in reflection of the warmth and love which flow through the wearers today. (one to the other): ________, I give you this ring as a symbol of the love I have for you. Wear it now as a sign of the love we share together.


Being one unbroken circle, your rings symbolize unending love. May your rings be a constant reminder of this moment when you have pledged your unending love to one another.

We have heard your vows and your promise of faithful love. May joy be with you from this day forward.

I, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the state, declare you to be wed, according to the ordinance of the law. Congratulations.

You may kiss.

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