Top Ten Tips for Cutting Costs.

Ten helpful ways for cutting costs when planning a wedding.

(1)Be open to the different! Many people fall in a trap of having tunnel vision when it comes to a wedding . All they can see is having the same wedding as everyone else. One of the best ways to break this mold is to take a good hard look at different types of weddings and ask yourself what works best for you and your circumstances.

(2)Shop for ambiance when looking at physical spaces for both weddings and receptions. Look for places that are beautiful in their own right. If you do not need to decorate them at all this can say the huge amount of money. Some of the things to look for includes views, vintage architecture and flowering gardens.

(3)All in one location. The more locations the more cost. Look for a place you can have both your wedding and your reception. Sometimes you can have your wedding in one area and your reception in another part of the same location giving a feel of two venues at no additional cost.

(4)Time of day, week, and year can make a big difference in cutting costs. Most wedding receptions are in the evening and include a meal. If they can be done outside of meal time you can save big bucks. Weekdays weddings cost less than Saturday afternoon. Winter weddings can cost less than spring.

(5)Use what you have: Take a look at what you already have. You may be surprised to find the great things at home. Ask friends and relatives before you go out and rent chairs and tables. Do you have a free location? Even little things can help cutting costs.

(6)Keep a trim invitation list: Smaller may not be better but it costs less. Many people say that it is the key factor to a less expensive wedding. Take a look at the different styles of weddings services and you may get additional ideas on ways to keep your numbers up ands still keep your costs down by getting past that tunnel vision.

(7)Can you remember it? Ask yourself what you remember from past weddings. This can be a helpful exercise in finding out what's important to you for your service. Decorations, party favors, flowers, and finger food may have so little it in pact that they can be easily skipped. Cutting costs strats with cutting out what you don't need.

(8)Photos : we have both professional and friends to photograph for us. Gay couples often know lots of photographers both professional and amateur. Most are delighted to help out and do excellent work. But keep in mind that you get what you pay for.

(9)Video: it seems that the only wedding videos you ever see are the disasters . Some people want to make a mini documentary and feel that it's something they will treasure but it will only get enshrined if there's a problem. It may be difficult to justify doing it if you have a tight budget.

(10)Shop for labor. This is about getting a good deal and a job well done. You can not do it all yourself. So think about the overall feel and look. If you are going for a mid size to big wedding get a wedding planner or a wedding planning book/kit.

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