Gay wedding invitations

Invitations are just one of the ways that same-sex weddings differ from our straight friends. Mainly because it is a new opportunity for same sex couples.

You may have been together for decades, you may have had other ceremonies, and your invitation may be greeted with less than joy by some recipients. Couples may find they need help with the wording,and who gets to come. Family reaction can also be a worry. Read more about family reaction.

What Type of Ceremony will it be?

Commitment Ceremony:

A commitment ceremony is used when there are no legal relationships similar to marriage. To the invitation may look like a marriage invitation. The words commitment ceremony being substituted for marriage or wedding.

Domestic Partnership:

A domestic partnership in most places is simply the filling out of a form and delivering it or mailing it to a clerk. Because there is no a ceremony many couples will at most choose to send an announcement and a few may have a small reception. However there is no reason not to have a signing ceremony. This can follow the format of a commitment ceremony but simply adding a public signing of the document to it. The this gave you to different options. One is to invite people to a commitment ceremony adding that you will be signing domestic partnership papers or you may describe it as a domestic partnership signing ceremony.

Civil Partnership/Civil Union:

Civil partnerships and civil unions are very similar. The term civil partnership is used in Great Britain and is in fact that done as a ceremony which people can be invited to and looks and very much like a civil wedding ceremony. Civil unions are offered by some states in the united states. The similarity of a civil union to a marriage can vary both in practice and in law. Both terms are intended to protect the word and marriage from use of by gay people. The invitation may look much the same as for a wedding.


Marriage is marriage period. True that same-sex couples may use the same kinds of invitation as their strait counterparts. However, many gay couples may have already gone through a commitment ceremonies, domestic partnerships, or even marriages in other states. This complicates the situation. As the does the fact that many gay couples have been together for years. All these need special and different invitations.

Religious (only) ceremony New church rule or in church other than own:

Many people choose to express their religious beliefs at the time of their marriage or commitment. This can be a sticky situation for many same-sex couples. Not all churches are welcoming and some are downright hostile. But some people may feel caught in between their religious feelings and the fact that the gay community as a whole is being attacked by churches on the far right. Some of your gay friends may not be willing to attend a religious service. Church rules vary widely. If you're taking advantage of a new church rule within your denomination you may wish to state that on the invitation. Some people may be getting married in churches other than their own but this need not be noted. There are a few other things to be careful about when writing invitations for church weddings. Some denominations view marriage as sacramental others do not. Church's that are named for people sometimes use apostrophe and sometimes do not. For example is it Saint Paul's church or Saint Paul church?

Need for out of state:

You may not have an option of getting any type of legal marriage, civil union,or partnership locally. For these couples and out of state services mandatory. You can simply elope and afterward send out an announcement. That is perfectly acceptable and many couples choose to do this. On the other hand is sending out an invitation ahead of time gives some of your closest friends and family the opportunity to join you in the distant location. This can be a little awkward. You may find that sending letters is more appropriate. This gives you the chance to explain what you're doing and why. Let them know if you will be having a reception. If given time some may wish to join you for the ceremony.

Long together couple:

Many couples have been together for decades. But the reason for the marriage has nothing to do with any change in their commitment love or understanding of what it is to be a couple. They're getting married because of a change in the law. This needs to be expressed. For some couples it'll be the second or third time they have done something to express their love. Simply using a standard wedding invitation to would seem bizarre and out of place.

Who Do You Invite?

Making your guest list is harder than you think. We all know that people will have a range of reactions to our happy news. Rerad more about who to invite.

Some Helpful Words
That You Can Use.

have chosen the first day of their new life together

have chosen the first day of their legally married life together

You are invited to share in the joy of their wedding

request the honor of your presence at their marriage

invite our friends on the joyous occasion of

he exchange of vows before God

The Rites of marriage of the church of Daylight Savings

request the pleasure of your company in celebrating their union of marriage

Invite you to witness the exchange of vows of

in a celebration of love

in celebrating their marriage on Saturday, the sixth of June

request the honor of your presence to witness the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony uniting their children

equest the honor of your presence as Name and name Enter the covenant of marriage

uniting our lives

Vow and unite in love

Due to recent changes in state law Name and Name

Taking advantage of new rules of United Church Name and name

Name and Name are new able to partake of the rites of christian marriage and request your ..

As the story of our love enfolds We now find that we are able to

through years of love and commitment name and name now have the opportunity to

You are invited To witness as the love of name and name Becomes a legal relationship

name and name Who's love and commitment has endured through many years now take the opportunity that has recently become available to be married

to be married in the eyes of the law

to be joined at legally in marriage

to form a domestic partnership

to express their love of three domestic partnership

to celebrate publicly their commitment to one another

to celebrate with our friends our love and commitment

we will be traveling to Massachusetts for the purpose of expressing our love and commitment

in order to find lasting in meaningful expression to our love we will be traveling to … for the purpose of

the need for expressing our love through the commitment of marriage has drawn us to the state to of

It is with gratitude to the state of MA that we announce are planned marriage

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