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Can you cater it yourself?

For many couples the answer is yes. My husband and I had thrown many large parties and events through the years. We knew what cooking for 200 looks like and had no trouble thinking of our favorite dishes. We also have the advantage of being two men. Our worries for the day were showering, shaving and and then finding something to do until we dressed for the ceremony. So self catering was an obvious. At the lesbian ceremonies I've been to, self catering was much less common. The big issue is how much free time will you have on the actual day of the event. If you're planning on preparing the food then buy the cake. But if you dream of baking a cake then hire a caterer. It's simply too difficult to do both.

If you're on the fence you may want to take a deep breath and do a reality check. There are three things that you may find helpful.

What kind of events have you held in the past? If you are really good at a large picnic it may or may not translate into a wedding. In the past have you handled cooking a large group? What have you done to keep a food cold or hot in the past? Do you have a full supply of serving equipment? Do you know anyone who can help with the planning and double check your work at the planning stage?

Make a budget . Will you needed to rent a place to prepare the food? Are you going to need to rent serving equipment? What are you going to do about tables and chairs? After you have your menu planned figure out the cost. Will you be hiring people to help you serve in cleanup?I hope so. After you figured out all your expenses get a total and compare that with the cost of a caterer. You may find that the caterer cost is worth the freedom from the headache.

Listen to what others have to say. Sure you're going to hear lots of horror stories. You also get the share of the dreamy fantasies . But if you talk to enough people here also going to get some terrific advice. If you get no help, don't give up hope. There are party planning books in the library at the local bookstores. Also look into books about becoming a caterer.

If you're still up for the fantasy of doing your own catering you may want to check out The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit™. It's a course in starting your own catering business. It sounds a little whacked the but it really does give you all the information you need for setting up a one time event. It talks about preparing food in quantities and successfully shipping it. The course does assume you're going to go into a full business and it will encourage you to buy equipment that you will would not for a one time event. On the other hand it gets you thinking like a caterer which is what you really need to do when planning your own the event. It also is one of the few resources I've found that has set some recipes for large events. But the real reason why recommended his first because it's a great reality check. It's fine to say I can pull it off the when you start reading what it takes to pull it off you may realize that you need help. The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit™ Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit™ comes in eBook Format. eBooks are simply books that are available in digital format. eBooks have many advantages over paper books. They are ordered online, and delivered instantly to your computer. You save money with no shipping, no taxes, and the lowest prices. This eBook has many features that traditional paper books do not - you can download all of the financial forms, example business plans and business letters from inside the eBook at anytime while connected to the Internet. This mean you have the freedom to edit and print your forms as needed. You can also use hyperlinks to connect directly to resources and information within the eBook. eBooks offer a new dimension to the written word, allowing our popular guide to be distributed and enjoyed so much more easily. The Starting a Catering Business Start-Up Guide Kit™ can be downloaded in just seconds and accessed on any PC or Macintosh computer.If you have a friend who wants to help you with the catering this can also make a wonderful giftthat can give you a little piece of mind that the person is getting expert advice to follow.

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