A Hard Look at Wedding Costs

Costs of Wedding by Percentages:

  • 46% Reception
  • 12% Photo/ Video
  • 10% Attire
  • 8% Flowers/ Decorating

  • 6% Music
  • 5% Tips/Taxes/Overages
  • 3% Ceremony
  • 3% Stationery
  • 3% Wedding rings
  • 2% Gifts
  • 2% Transportation

From: www.theknot.com. Wedding costs are split between the reception and other. Naturally actual expenses and percentages may vary. The key in is planning and budgeting. Unbelievably many people in wedding the business tell happy couples that their wedding should be what they want and then they should figure out the budget for it. This puts couples in a strange position. Same people are fond of saying that weddings cost between $20,000.00 and $60,000.00. Folks that is a down payment on a house, new car or you could pay off a student loan. Rational people figure what they can afford and then planned to spend within that. Because most couples are paying for it themselves, the more sensible approach is to combine your income for two months and use that as your maximum upper limit on expenses. This allows you to comfortably afford the wedding within six to nine months. So if you each earn 15K a month the goal is for a $60,000.00 wedding or less. On the other hand, if you each earn 5K a month, you need to look at a $20,000.00 wedding or less. Weddings come in all price ranges and you don't have to go into debt.

Wedding Tent

So where can I cut costs at my wedding? The trick is to have a sensible budget and know what's really important to you. You want to spend your money where it counts. Look at our list of sample weddings to give you ideas about what options you have. If you are thinking about a $60,000.00 wedding your best way of saving money is to get a wedding planner. Not only will the planner have great connections but the amount of time and grief saved are priceless. On the other hand if it every penny counts take time to go over the list. Carefully looking at the top items on the expense list will give you the best savings.

Chick on each to read more.


Women save more on Attire because they can end up spending more. But men need to read it too, because there is lots of good information for gay men.

Flowers can be a big expense. With the right planning you can keep the costs down.

It is hard to save on invitations, or is it? I also talk aout the many issues that face gay couples sending out invites.

Music set the tone for both the wedding and the recpetion.

Photo/Video seen to keep getting bigger and bigger. Are you going to use a pro or will a friend do it?

Are you ready to talk Honeymoon! Get a few good tips that will help you with this trip and the many others you will go on.

We all wanted to save money on the costs of a location. For gay and lesbian couples who need to work fast before a law changes savings are even more important.

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