Location Cost and How to Save Money.

We all wanted to save money on the cost of a location. For gay and lesbian couples who need to work fast before a law changes savings are even more important. Look at the venues as part of the wedding as a way to drive down the overall total cost. This can give a huge savings.

Number 1: hold the wedding and the reception in the same location. This seems so obvious but many couples insist on paying two rental fees. For those who want a church wedding sometimes a church hall can be used at very little additional expense. Check this out.

Number 2: Go with a pretty face. A location that is beautiful without decoration is always a winner. Look for: beautiful views, lovely architecture, gardens with beautiful greenery, or the forest meadow. Ask yourself “ Is this a spectacular venue for my wedding?” If the answer is yes then you have a winner.

Number 3: Look for a public place where you can hold private event. The most obvious of these are public parks. They can be quite beautiful and even if they do have a rental fee it's often quite small. Most parks do have a no alcohol rule.

Number 4: Timing timing timing. What time of day are you having the event? Morning events tend to cost less. What day of the week? Fridays and Saturday evenings are the most expensive. What time of year? Spring weddings cost ore.

Number 5: Look were nonprofit groups hold events. Famous for their low budgets they often hold events in cheap or free venues. Game nonprofit groups by definition use the game friendly sites. If you do not know the area where you plan on getting married, gay web sites in that location can be a valuable resource.

Number 6: Do you need room to dance? Many gay couples drop the dancing entirely from their reception. This can be a big savings. Suddenly you need less room, no sound system, and one less space to decorate.

If you are saying to yourself “ but this is not my vision of a lovely wedding.” then you need to go back over the style section. This can help you open up to some new ideas. If you already know what kind of location you want, what are some ways you can save money?

Morning weddings give you the biggest savings. There are several reasons for this. First the rates may simply be less because there are fewer people wanting that time. Many expensive elements of a wedding are associated more with evening parties. A ceremony that starts at 9:30am can be followed by a simple cake and coffee reception. No one is expecting a meal, few people would want alcohol, and the site of a dance band at that hour of the morning would be more frightening than fun. (Most musicians are not morning people.)

The number of people can be hugely significant. If your guest make up less than a dozen people you may not need to book anything. Simply showing up to a beautiful public park for a short ceremony: free, beautiful and small. Many of your friends will open up their homes if the service is small.

Think about less setup, it generally means saveings. So as you plan always think what can I edit out what can I draw you need those decorations. Do you really need party favors or a dance floor .

No sit down food. Finger food and lots of it, can cut down on food costs and reduce the need to rent tables and chairs. You will find it also helps you fit a bigger group into a smaller space . So moved away from those big sit down events. Also remember that people who are standing are likely stay for a shorter time reducing the rental time.

You can get additional planning help with basic planning.

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