Wedding Planner for Gay and Lesbian Couples

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When is it a good idea to hire a pro for gay and lesbian couples? Planners can be enormously helpful when you have little time to put into your wedding, when you need to have a lavish show, and money is not a critical issue. Planners are also useful when you are having an out of area wedding. Some large churches, many hotels and some caterers have someone on staff who can work with you. They may be more concerned with some parts of the planning more than others but they are very helpful and can be a great resource in your planning.

Who does not need a wedding planner? The smaller the wedding the less help you need. I find many gay and lesbian couples are used to planning large events and for that reason are less inclined to need help. When gay men start talking about their wedding plans they often find that straight women with no daughters are tripping over each other to see if they can help. For many this maybe the one time they get to help plan a wedding . So it's easy to say yes and let everyone enjoys the fun.

There are many books and websites on planning your wedding. Many of these assume that you are planning a fairly large and fairly traditional event. They also generally are focused on the bride. This means they're are parts with limited use when there are two men or two women getting married. But still I found them fun to read and did get things I could adapt.

If you are looking for a wedding planning kit here's one I would recommend. I like the $10,000 Dream Wedding because it's focused on saving money with many practical tips that are easy to follow. It has a 60 day money back guarantee so you can change your mind. It comes with a good set of free bonuses. The most important thing is the information in this e book is better than most. Too often the e books just tell you all the same thinks that websites do. You get no new information and the feeling of being ripped off. I also like the price point of this kit. It seems like every time I turn around there is new e book or program that you can buy for your computer for a mere hundred dollars. This package offers you everything you need for only $30.00. That seems like a fair price. So take a look.Click Here!

It is hard to read it and not fantasize some about starting your own wedding planning business. It is a fantasy that is not without its merits. As a gay weddings and commitment ceremonies become more commonplace throughout the world I think a parallel industry will develop. Then lesbian couples really do have questions and need services that straight couples do not.

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