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Your Honeymoon.

I just bet you'er not a virgin! The idea that you're a shy young couple that need time alone to explore each other is not a good start for planning a gay honeymoon. Sure you will want some time for fun in the bedroom but also plan to do a little more. “Why?” you say. Because no one wants a bad honeymoon.

There are three basic types of vacations. Having a good idea what your spouse's expectations are is very important. I have seen way too many vocation tragedies that could have been avoided by a little planning a head of time. If you're a couple that has been together for years, you may already have a good sense of what you like to do on vacation this will help when planning your gay honeymoon. Reading this section will just confirm what you already know. For couples that have not been together for a long time this maybe some of the most valuable information you will ever get. The three types are relaxing, sightseeing, or doing vocations. No one fits into one category, so rank the three in order of interest.

Relaxation:Do you just wanna get away from it all? We all want to unwind. Then that needs to be the thing you “plan to do?” To enjoy reading books, lying on the beach, a long train or boat ride is a relaxation goal. Have you thought about going to a spa resort and getting massages every day. Some people just want to hang out in a neighborhood visiting the coffee shop and people watching. All of these are are more about relaxation than they are about anything else. Some of the warning signs that this is the type of vacation you're looking for include: Lusting after having no cellphone or email to answer. Planning on coming back with a deep tan. You often pack more books than clothes.

Sightseeing: You want to see it all! Do you get thrills from seeing famous works of art and architecture? Are you awed by the splendors of nature. Maybe you want to visit all the baseball parks in America. These are all examples of sightseeing vacations. Some of the warning signs that you are looking for a sightseeing vacation include: Your vacation plans sound like ten list of nouns? You think of trips as a learning experience. Have the guide books read a month ahead of time.

Doing: Vacation are not for sitting still! Mountain climbing and white water rafting or skiing and snowshoeing are all doing vacations. Film festivals, concert series and wine tours are also doing vacations. Take an intensive class in water color painting. The main warning sign is a long list of verbs when you talk about vacation plans. Many are athletic centered but not all. Classes and cultural programs are included in this category.

So think about what you want from a vacation and have a serious talk about it using the three categories above. You need to rank them in order. We all like some of these and we all change over time. Two things you need to cross off your list because they appear on everyone's are sex and shopping, sorry. Your best bet for a happy vocation in is to center on the type of vacation on both of your lists. Most people are going to find that they need to do some compromising. But the good news is that two people ranking three things will have to have at least one item in both of their top two and that is what we are looking for. If you need more help look at some of our samples.

Now that you know what you and your spouse are looking for in a vacation almost any destination can work. This is because it's not as much about the destination as it is about what you're going to do once you're there. One trap that many honeymooners fall into is it trying to do someone else's suggested list. This rarely works. Something simple that can help to break this habit is to consciously make the effort to do something that appeals to each one of your senses. What are some interesting the sounds you can hear local: music, possibly birdsong, or the sound of a river. Are there things you can taste only in that location: special foods, exotic fruits. What will you see, what will you smell. Thinking of your trip this way can help keep you from the list of historic churches that you simply must see. Some of the things I have found a great pleasure in when traveling include music concerts wine tasting and botanical gardens. I have a good friend who loves perfume shopping and has visited find perfume shops on every continent.

Other thinks to think about:

Booking hotel rooms: bed and breakfasts, historic inns and little family run hotels are popular destinations. Some are in historic buildings, others may be well off the beaten track, all offer a different experience from the big chain hotels. Because of their size they all have very small staff. So it is important when booking , to mention that you are a gay couple. Most of the time they're happy to see you and your money, but if you get a less than warm and feeling then keep looking. This maybe done by e-mail also. Simply state that you are a same-sex couple. You do not have to ask if that creates a problem. If they don't like it they will simply tell you that they are booked up. Saving themselves some embarrassment and keeping you from having a terrible hotel experience on your honeymoon. But I do need to stress that most people in the hospitality business know what great customers same-sex couples are.

But looking for a place that's more than gay friendly? There are many hotels bed and breakfasts and resorts that specifically cater to same-sex patrons. Some are the four men only. I have had both good and bad experiences with this. It is fun to be around groups of people who are just like you. The hotel owners can often offer good advice about the local gay scene. Some offer clothing optional pools or spas. On the negative side I have found myself surrounded by shallow men looking for a good time. Needless to say this might distract you from your honeymoon focus.

I feel compelled to mention the long tradition of visiting relatives on your honeymoon. This comes from past generations when travel was difficult. Today's most people are able to attend the wedding. If they don't there are often plenty of other opportunities to meet. That being said, is still very appropriate to make a visit to a close relative who was too sick to attend. Obviously this would just one small part of a modern honeymoon.

A few vacation proverbs.

Take half as much clothes and twice as much money.

Start a trip with an extra room in your suitcase and you'll be surprised how fast it fills up.

Stay in the best place last.

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