Elope for your Gay Wedding

Thinking about eloping for your gay wedding? For many gay couples the only way to get any legal status is to get married in a different location. This can be a good decision for a number of reasons.

A surprising number of locations recognize out of the area status of gay weddings. The world is looking at places that are performing same-sex marriages. {Your local politicians and governments included.} So let your local politicians know that demand is present, while spending your money somewhere else. This also gives couples the opportunity to get away for romantic vacation. And of course there's the good old fashioned reason of saving money. What do you need to bring to get a license at a glance?


The couple's of today are not sneaking away from their parents to get married. In fact for same-sex couples it may be very important to make a bold statement by eloping. Just because you're not getting married locally does not mean you have to give it up a ceremony with friends and family. More and more the concept of elopement if looking more like destination weddings. This lets you have that perfect romantic marriage location of your dreams. It's often attended by just a handful of your closest friends. You can roll in some vacation time into the package. The price not including travel can be substantially less than a flashy wedding at home.

Many couples who have been together for years may just wish to add a legal component to their already existing relationships. In this case elopement may seem ideal. And remember you can still have a reception when you get back. Send out an announcement or make no fuss at all. You may need to go out of state to get married but still want a beautiful experience to remember. Think about a destination wedding. This may take a little bit more planning than a traditional elopement. Pick to your destination then start asking a few of your closest friends is a would like to attend. Then you can really start planning. Remember that if everyone is staying at the same place you can often get some good deals. If only a few are attending some bed and breakfasts will let you use their garden for the service at little or no charge.

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