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Where can I go for a legal marriage? Will that does depend on what your needs are . There are different levels of same sex recognition. They ranged from fallout marriage to domestic partnerships. You may also need to ask yourself what effect it will have on your status at home. Some locations recognize outside of the status and others do not.

The Netherlands, Belgium, Canada, Spain, Norway, and Sweden are the only countries in which the status of same-sex marriages are exactly the same as that of opposite-sex marriages, though South Africa is due to fully harmonize its marriage laws. Nepal's highest court, in November 2008, issued final judgment on matters related to LGBT rights. Based on the court recommendation the government announced its intention to introduce a same-sex marriage bill by 2010.

Legal recognition of same-sex couples marriage

Belgium Canada Netherlands Norway South Africa Spain Sweden

Performed in some regions United States (CT, IA, MA, NH*, VT*) What are the legal notes for getting a license, at a glance?

Formerly performed United States (CA)

We hope to soon at Washington DC.

Recognized, not performed

Aruba (Dutch only) Israel Netherlands Antilles (Dutch only) United States (DC, NY)

Civil unions and registered partnerships

Andorra Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greenland Hungary Iceland Luxembourg New Zealand Slovenia Switzerland United Kingdom Uruguay

Civil unions and registered partnerships Performed in some regions

Argentina (C, RC, RN, VCP) Australia (ACT, TAS, VIC) Mexico (COA, DF) United States (CA, CO, DC, HI, NJ, NV*, OR, WA, WI*) Venezuela (ME)

Civil Unions and Registered Partnerships Recognized But Not Performed

Isle of Man (UK only) Mexico

Unregistered co-habitation Recognized

Unregistered co-habitation Argentina Australia Austria Brazil Colombia Croatia Israel Portugal

In some regions United States (MD) 

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