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What you need to bring for gay marriage, at a glance

In genral

In all states with gay marriage you need to plan on:

You need to bring:

both people to apply,

Photo ID such as a driver's license or a passport.

If under 25 years bring birth certificate

Cash to pay fees for license and marriage certificate

You need to know:

Your social security numbers

Your mother's maiden name.

Your parents' birthplaces.

Date and location of your wedding.

Name and contact info of your wedding officiant.

Previously married?

If either of you were previously married, you will need to show the date of divorce or date

of spouse's death. If the divorce was within 60 days, a signed copy of the divorce decree may need to be provided.

Most cases you apply in the town where the wedding will take place.

Not needed

No state has a Residency Requirements so neither of you must call that state home.

No blood test needed.

Additional information by State:


Some towns may require you pick up the license the next day. Free $30-$35 approximately. Plan to pay cash.

For the Connecticut website.


Iowa Waiting Period Iowa has a three (3) business day waiting period. Fees for Marriage Licenses in Iowa $30+ --Bring cash. The fee and acceptance of checks or credit cards varies from County to County.

Other: You need to have one witness (over 18 years of age) with you when you apply for the license.

For the Iowa website.


May change in November, 2009.

No waiting period Fees $30 - cash only

For the Maine website.


You may be required to show a certified birth certificate. Waiting Period: Massachusetts has a three-day (3) waiting period. Fees It will cost you between $4 and $50 to get married in Massachusetts. Each Massachusetts community can set their own fees. Example: The marriage license fee in Boston is $50

Officiants: Any ordained ministers or clergymen, and justices of the peace may perform weddings in

Massachusetts. By state law, Justices of the Peace may charge $25 to $75 for a marriage in a

town they live in. They may charge $75 to $125 if the wedding will be out of town. Out-of-state clergy need to obtain a Certificate of Authorization from the Massachusetts

Secretary of the Commonwealth before the wedding ceremony.

A non-minister or non-justice of the peace (such as a relative of family friend) may receive from the Governor, for a $25 fee, special one-time permission to perform a marriage

Witnesses: Witnesses are not required in Massachusetts.

For the Massachusetts website.

New Hampshire

Previous Marriages If you have been divorced, bring a certified copy of your divorce decree. If widowed, bring in a copy of your spouse's death certificate.

Requirements may vary as each county in New Hampshire could have their own requirements.

A marriage license in New Hampshire is valid for ninety (90) days.

Although the waiting period was cancelled in 2006, you may still find official county or

city websites that wrongly mention a 3-day waiting period to receive your marriage license

For the New Hampshire website.


No waiting period. Fees $45.00 plus $10.00 for a certified copy of the license. Some counties may require cash or travelers' checks only.

For the Vermont website.

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