medieval music

Music is a huge variable. It can range from none at all to multiple ensembles. In a church you may need to use people who working relationship with them. In California mariachi bands are very popular and generally play after the wedding and before the reception. For the reception you have a choice between a dance band or a DJ. Dancing is very popular if there will be lots of people in their twenties and thirties. For older couples dancing is often dropped from the festivities.

The first thing to think about his overall style. A very simple wedding with a civil service, may require no music at all. If you're planning on doing something more elaborate but still simple, recorded music maybe accept of all. But for formal church weddings or large event live music maybe a must.

Churches generally have a limited number of musicians for you to work with. If it's church you know well you may already have a good idea who you would like to perform. But if it is a church that you don't know be sure to ask the pastor or wedding planner if that they know the people and if they will be open to a gay wedding.

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