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Invite Family: Tips and Help for Gay Couples Planning a Wedding

Families can be the most difficult people to tell. Our personal experience was a mixed one. We lost to some relatives who refuse to speak to us again and gained others back who had not been so supportive. The truth is we could not see it coming. Many people know that they have a certain difficult people. It's OK to test the water before sending them an invitation. One way to do this is to ask a more supportive relative to give them a phone call and have a chat. Then go ahead and send a written invitation. Let them react on paper to something rather than having a face to face contact. No need to let their less than thrilled expression be hurtful. This can be easier on everyone.

Use invitations vs announcement in a wise way. It is OK to send everyone on your list an invitation. We all know that many people will not come. But there are other options. Announcements are used just to let people know that the event took place. They can be sent out after you're already Married to. If you're a couple that has been together for years you might even choose something asked how she will as an e-mail . It's nice to let people know but it also is OK to have made no fuss situation.

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