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Jewish Gay Wedding Blessing

LGBT Marriage Prayer for High Holidays (Recommended for after the Amidah) By Joe Hample, 5th year Rabbinical Student Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion

[Hebrew version available upon request to]

B’sefer nissu’im yizzachru v’yikkatvu kol zugei ahuvim. Chatan v’challah, o kallah v’challah, o chatan v’chatan, od y’hal’lucha selah. Y’varech Adonai et ahavatam, v’yachshiru malchei basar va-dam et britoteihem, ki kol beit din yikkaré beit nissu’im l’chol zugim. Mi she-berach avoteinu v’immoteinu, Avraham v’Sarah, Rut v’No’omi, David Vihonatan, Hu y’varech et kol mishp’choteinu, v’yasem lanu r’fu’ah v’chayyim tovim, parnasah tovah v’shalom. Baruch attah, Adonai, boré kol mishpachot.

May all loving couples be remembered and inscribed in the Book of Marriage. Bride and groom, or bride and bride, or groom and groom, they shall ever praise Your name. May the Eternal bless their love, and may human rulers honor their covenants: and every court shall be called a house of marriage for all couples. May the One who blessed our ancestors – Abraham and Sarah, Ruth and Naomi, David and Jonathan – bless all our families, and grant us health and happiness, prosperity and peace. Blessed are You, Eternal, Creator of all families.

Decalogue Parchment by Jekuthiel Sofer (1768)

Decalogue Parchment by Jekuthiel Sofer (1768)

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