Helen and Susan

Helen and Susan wanted it all for their wedding. It took over a year of planning but in the end they got what they wanted. Susan was active in a church but the denomination will not let same-sex couples marry. What they did find was a wonderful old hall that was just a raw backdrop, it needed a complete makeover. Red carpet, seating for 300, portable stage, sound system, and trucks of flowers were all brought in by the wedding planner. The transformation was total. The service was traditional and the music classical. Both women wore custom designed gowns. The rings were made by a local gold smith. Helen's ring had a diamonds that had been in Susan's grandmothers wedding ring, The reception was in a vacant lot next door. With a wave of a magic checkbook tey had a white tent, tables, chairs, dance floor, band shell, and around the out side lawn and flowers. Dinner, wine, champagne, and dancing was flawless. Every thing was caught by both photograph and the video. [Cost: $40,000.00 to $50,000.00]

What did they pay for:



return postage

marriage license

designer gowns


custom rings

wedding planner

Hall rental

rental of decorations for hall

rehearsal dinner

fee for officiating

Music at wedding


flowers for church





white tent rental

lot rental






music at reception

gifts for everyone that helped

Oh the fun you can have with money.

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