Gay wedding flowers for grooms and male couples.

Gay wedding flowers are different. Most men will not carry a bouquet so a boutonnieres helps to bend a tradition. Female attendants in a white dress with the big bouquet can upstage the guys. You need alternatives.


Boutonnieres are fun and beautiful. Traditionally, they are worn in the left lapel of a suit. Some popular flowers include rose, carnation, gardenia and lily. The color may pick up colors in the other flowers or in your necktie. For the white tie look you must have a white flower. The whole point is the black and white chic.

Gay couples generally where matching boutonnieres. They may want something more elaborate than the average wedding would have. Sometimes they verge on the kind of corsage your grandmother might wear. Differentiate the grooms from the other men in wedding party. For example, if you are using rosebuds for both the grooms and the groom's men, include a sprig of baby's breath or give happy couple a small cluster of flowers instead of a single bloom. Keep in mind you also may need flowers for the grooms parents. Most men will not carry a bouquet so a boutonnieres helps to bend a tradition in a new direction that says something about gay weddings.

May the grooms carry bouquets?

Yes but few do. The most popular look is the Ballerina Bouquet or the Nose Gay mainly because they are small and compact. Read about Bouquets.

Flowers for Female attendants?

At weddings we are all trained to look at the women in the white dress with the big bouquet. So the potential for upstaging is enormous. Say no to the full bouquet. Some of your options are:

Pillow with rings

book or parchment

nose gay

wrist corsage

signle rose

Basket with rose petels or favors.

Think about doing the flowers yourself.

Many male couples decide to do the flowers themselves. This is particularly popular with guys who are not planning on baking cakes or doing their own catering but still need to shave some money off the total cost. If you like flowers and plan on putting on a bit of a floral display you can save around a thousand dollars and still make quite a splash. Flowers can be done a deadhead of time and keep well over night. Hit this not take a lot of experience to get a professional look. If all you need help with is the boutonnieres there is lots of free advice available online. If you're planning on doing all the flowers you may want it take a look at Create Your Own Wedding Flowersb Click Here!. You can see picture by picture exactly how to put together each type of bouquet or corsage step by step with no prior experience. It can be a big help in saving time and money as well as worry.

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