Karen and Sunny

Both Karen and Sunny are close to Karen's Grandmother, in fact she was the first family member to find out they were dating. So it seemed only natural to ask her if they could use her back yard.

The only thing she asked was that they pay someone in to clean up before and after the wedding. Sunny use to work in the food industry so she knew lots of people who could help with the food. The the wedding was set for 4:00pm so they could take advantage of more shade in the garden. The place was packed with almost 200 guests. The brides both wore vintage tea dresses with flowers in their hair to match the bouquets. They had a flute play at the wedding. Afterward the champagne flowed and buffet line started. Karen's brother took all the pictures.[Cost: $2,000.00 to $4,000.00] What did they pay for:



return postage

marriage license

fee for officiating

vintage dresses X2



flute player

Food in bulk

Catering (at discount)

Soft drinks




paper plates cups napkins

table and chair rentals

clean up fee before and after

gifts for everyone that helped

big thank you gift for Karen's Grandmother

Comments: Biggest cost here is food and wine. There is big savings location and photographer. Vintage non-wedding dresses did a lot to keep the cost down. People love out door weddings but weather is a big factor.

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›› Cost: $2,000.00 to $4,000.00

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