About Tuxedos.

Black tie attire.

Black tie attire for men is by far and away the most common wedding attire in America. Tuxedos are simply what most people think of as appropriate.

Reason include the sharp look, wide availability, and many options. Add to this the fact that the ties don't even need to be black . For gay men the keys is looking at the same. The suits do not need to be identical but should be fairly close. We are so used to seeing the bride and groom combination that we often think that the groom's outfit needs to recede and disappear along with him into the background. This is not the case as same-sex wedding. The guys are the center of the show, so work it! There are a number of ways you can draw more attention to the bridal couple.

The use of color in ties this vests and cumberbuns adds flair while still reading serious and traditional. Your ties might be in macthing a color and the other men in the wedding party can have black ties.

Flower buttonholes can also give a good deal of color. Two groom's may want something more elaborate than the average wedding would have. Gay men may even want to push the envelope a bit by wearing a big corsage. I've seen this and it works well. People expect the couple to have flowers at a wedding and a little bit excess for same-sex couples seems to work. Few gay men want bouquets so the buttonholes may be it for flowers.

See some men in Black Tie.

About getting your new tuxedos.

Whether you rent or buy his important to pre-shop formal wear. The reasons may seem obvious but they are:

Save some time by keeping the clerk from giving you a fashion 101.

Prices and vary greatly: know what you're looking at.

It gives you the privacy to talk with your partner.

We all need a basic class in buying a tuxedo. I think of it as pre-shopping this is not just about looking for your personal style. This is about knowing what you're looking at so that you can comparison shop.

The best way to do this is online. The site I like best is Buy4Less Tuxedo. This site gives you a great tuxedos 101. On their home page hit the "Tuxedo" button on the side bar and you will get the most basic rundown. For more information go to the Editorial Corner of the same site. The pictures are clear, and it has a full range of prices.

The other thing I like about Buy4Less Tuxedo is the price. I have looked at a lot of sites, a well as brick and mortar shops and this site is hands down the winner. It has the largest selection at the best prices that I have been able to find. They have great Tuxedo package deals so you can get the whole set without the nickel and dime up-selling that is part of most men's shops. So if you're thinking about buying a tuxedo online this is a great place to look. If not it still a wonderful free shopping experience. Enjoy a looking and learning. Click the banner below.

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