Brainstorm list of Wedding Locations

Traditional spaces for weddings are: church, garden, hotel, restaurant. We all look for things like price, parking, and bathrooms. But it really pays to take time to brainstorm list ff wedding locations. Shop for a unique in interesting location or a place with a beautiful feeling. 

A location that's beautiful on its own may not need any decorations on your part. This will save you time and money. Below is a brief list to help you get the brainstorming going.

Room with a view


Sports centers

Historical site


City hall

Historic ex-church

Glass house

Old home

Art Museum

Art gallery

Train museum's and station houses

Old fort


Industrial space


Social clubs

Small theater


Recreation centers

Amusement Parks

Meeting rooms

Roof tops of tall buildings

Family home

Middle of your street

Senior center (I've been to one)

Small airport hanger

Art studio

Golf clubs

Yacht clubs

Park with memorial


Cheese factory 

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