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Bake Your Own Wedding Cake ?

Home baked cakes are wonderful and that is why you might want to bake your own. We had a homemade cake with homemade frosting made from real butter. Many guests said they never eat wedding cake but as soon as they saw the old fashion pale yellow of real butter and sugar they knew they had to have a piece. It is a treat and guests are so much more forgiving of little imperfections in the frosting when they know that someone in the group baked to the cake. But it takes time to make. So we could not have done it ourselves. One of our dear friends had always wanted to make a wedding cake. So when she heard we were getting married she immediately offered to bake us a cake from scratch. She had an enormous amount of fun doing it. What a delicious gift.

Cakes take a lot of skill and time. The time is almost entirely put into decorating. It's this labor that makes them so expensive to buy. If you worked in a bakery and are used to whipping out flowers and leaves galore it may be no big deal to you. But if you don't have the skills and you want an elaborate cake comparison shopping maybe a better use of your time than trying to acquire the skills.

Non stacking cakes will save you some money. The biggest savings comes from using a sheet cake rather than the traditional wedding cake.

If you or someone you know wants to help you bake your own gay wedding cake, great. You may want to give them they take a decorating course. Online programs such as this to help that polish and give ideas to an already experienced baker. It's fun and helpful Try Frosted Dreams Cake Decorating and learn how to deaorate like a professional.

If you are a little more ambitious you might be thinking about becoming that professional. Take a look at Start A Cake Decorating Business It is a home business model with recipes and samples included.

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