Steven and Armando

The happy couple, Steven and Armando had a commitment ceremony three years ago but now wanted a married in the eyes of the law. Well the eyes of the law of a near by state that is. It was a long drive and they were glad that Ted came with them and was willing to do some of the driving. Things were not as slow at the county registry office as they had been told. Both Steven and Armando were thrilled. That night they went out to dinner with six of their friends to celebrate being married in more than their own eyes. [Cost: $700.00 to $1,000.00]

What did they pay for:



marriage license

clerk fee for officiating

Small gift for Ted

lunch for three

dinner for six

Comments: This is what so many people do. The cost is low and there is no fuss. If you are going out of state you may also need plane ticket, and hotel rooms. Note there were no rings in this example.

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