David and Phil

David always said that Phil had an inner-Barbie that was trying to get out. So he was not surprised to hear that Phil wanted a big wedding. David just wanted to be able to pay for it with out maxing out the credit cards. Both men were a little worried that this would be a wedding and breakup rolled into one. As it turned out both were happy and they ran under budget. A local historical society owned a former church that could be rented out for weddings. It was a Victorian Gothic thing with so much going on that flowers would be lost if you had the need to bring any in. They did pay an extra fee to use the organ and light candles. Not far off they found a small community theater company that just happened to be run by someone David knew. The rent was cheep but you had to use their staff and be out by 6:00pm. They set the wedding for 1:30pm. Both men bought tuxedos and exchanged modest rings. The wedding had an organist and a singer. The reception had finger food from a discount supper-store with lots of wine and some Champagne. The guests loved seeing the “King Arthur” stage sets. [Cost $4,000.00 to $8,000.00] What did they pay for:


postage and return postage

Chapel rental

rehearsal dinner

organ fee



candle fee



marriage license

fee for officiating

theater hall

theater staff

Food in bulk

Soft drinks



paper plates cups napkins


picnic area fee


Clean up fee

gifts for everyone that helped

Comments: Shopping location saved them lost of more or decoration, flowers, and miscellaneous rentals. The odd ball time means no full meal. I personally love offbeat reception locations. Note they did a lot of the work and no limousine.

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