Mike and Ted

Two days before their wedding Mike and Ted stocked up on all the food items they needed. The next day was spent making gourmet salads, dips and marinating meat. Early on the big day two buddies, Kevin and John came by to help move stuff. The wed was at a city park that has some great views, plentiful parking and real bathrooms. Best of all you can reserve picnic area for a token fee. Mike and Ted got to the park at about 11:00am and John already had the barbeques started. Mikes sister brought two flower lays to go with their matching Hawaiian shirts. By 11:45am all 157 guests had arrived so they were able to start on time. Mike's sister read a poem and Ted's father officiated. The photographer really took over after the wedding but the shots were so good that it was worth it. And everyone was eating by 12:30pm. Some of the guest did sneak wine and beer into the park but no one got in trouble. Everything went so well even the weather was perfect. Mike paid two friends of John to help with the clean up so everyone was out of the park long before the gates closed. [Cost: $1,000.00 to $3,000.00]

What did they pay for:



return postage

Food in bulk

Soft drinks

paper plates cups napkins

barbeques supplies


picnic area fee


marriage license

fee for officiating

Clean up fee

gifts for everyone that helped

Comments: The two biggest expenditures are for food and photography. There is big savings location and on no wine. Note there were no rings in this example. People love out door weddings but weather is a big factor.

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