Ronda and Jennifer

The happy couple, Ronda and Jennifer check into the hotel the night before. The next day they up early, fed, packed and dressed. They wear nice but causal clothes. At about 9:10am they go to the meeting room they have rented for the morning. The staff is setting up a table with coffee and tea along with forks and small plates. The first two people to come in our the minister and her wife. She went over a few notes, were to stand kind of things. Next came in a good friend with the sheet cake. By 9:30am all 48 guests the only one who was late was Aunt Sarah who had to stop at the bar to bring in her morning Bloody Mary. The service took about 10 minutes. Afterward everyone had cake and coffee and each taking turns as wedding photographer. By 11:00am the newly weds had checked out and were on the way to the airport for a two week honeymoon in Europe. [Cost: $1,000.00 to $2,000.00] What did they pay for:

hotel room


meeting room

coffee and tea set up

plate and fork fee


marriage license

fee for officiating

Comments: Am meeting room rental is often less than evening. There is big savings by not seving wine. If you don't want alcohol at your reception morning give you a great out. Note there were no rings in this example. People are more understanding of the no big deal wedding when you are clearly using the money for something else like trip or buy a house.

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